Sanitaryum is strictly a clean humor STORE & FUNNY PIC/VIDEO BLOG. We take the time & effort to “sanitize” all of the content we aggregate.

Pronunciation: \ˌsa-nə-ˈter-ē-əm\

Etymology: New Latin, from Latin sanitat-, sanitas health

We ONLY post clean funny pics, videos, jokes, & other clean humor. Sanitaryum promotes & aggregates funny clean humor. If laughter is the best medicine, consider us your doctor. Or pharmacist. We have no formal training.

If you haven’t noticed yet, our name is a play on words. Sanitaryum has the words “sanitary” in it to denote “clean” and yes, it sounds like sanitarium/sanitorium (Metallica) because its a play on the now non-politically correct word “funny farm” or “funny house” aka insane asylum. Hence our tagline “Get Committed. To Clean Humor” bc people were committed to sanitariums. The “y” in the name should help you remember to keep it “sanitary”. 🙂

We hope you have mad respect for our creativity.

Sanitaryum pioneered the full-service, “strictly clean humor and content” niche, beginning with our first blog post in late 2009. We have continued to grow as the absolute leader in family-friendly entertainment, adding a store and mobile app along the way.

Original Trademarked Sanitaryum Logo in 2009

We have fun and laugh. Our dark comedy ranges from bliggity black to Dumbo gray to light-hearted lily petal LOL. We engage in schadenfreude (a German word that means taking joy in the misery of others), but only in a nice way. We think it is funny when people run into walls because it is part of the human experience. So we are almost always funny. And sometimes interesting. Especially when you’re bored.

Some videos or pictures on Sanitaryum may display links to, or logos of, other humor sites in order to provide credit for original content creators. If you are concerned about viewing potentially objectionable or offensive content, we recommend that you not leave the Sanitaryum site. If we direct you to another site, it is for legality’s sake, out of respect for other’s work, and as a creative courtesy. Stay only on the page to which we direct you for a “sanitized” Interweb experience. We have done our best to filter content for you.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your support & visit. Have a great day & a great laugh.

Daily postings, except sometimes.

Our awards include TWO high-fives & a Post-It that said “I love you guys.”

So, why aren’t you a fan?

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